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The Young Persons Network


The Headlines Young Persons Network (YPN) is a group for Headlines members with craniofacial conditions and their siblings aged between 16-30. We get together both in person and online to socialise, share our experiences and raise awareness of craniosynostosis and other rare craniofacial conditions. In the group we have members of various ages and with a variety of craniofacial conditions, as well as siblings of those with a craniofacial condition. 


If you are interested in meeting and talking to other young people or would like to share your experiences of craniofacial conditions in a supportive and understanding environment we would love for you to join us!

Explore what we do below!


We try to hold a variety of meet ups every year. As well as a chance for existing members to get together and catch up, these events also act as a good ice breaker session for anyone who might be interested in joining the group and wants to see what it is like. All the details of these meetups are shared via our Facebook and WhatsApp groups as well as our other social media pages. Click the button below to find out more on our events page! 

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What other things do we do?


As well as our meetups, we also do other activities and raise awareness for craniofacial conditions.  


In the past few years, we have been involved in a range of activities. In 2019, YPN members had the opportunity to visit parliament during Craniofacial Awareness month to talk to MPs about their experiences of growing up with a craniofacial condition. Some members have also attended a Skull Workshop at UCL run by one of our Headlines trustees, Mehran, and his colleagues. This was a fantastic event that allowed us to learn more about our conditions in a hands-on way. Many of us have also been participating in the ACCORD project that Headlines and the Centre for Appearance Research at UWE that aims to explore the experiences of adults with craniofacial conditions and how they can best be supported. 


There are always plenty of things to get involved with!

Buddy system


We have received feedback from some parents and children that they would really appreciate talking to a young person about how they have navigated being a teenager and then a young adult, as sometimes it can be helpful to speak to someone who has actually ‘done it’ and reassure them.


We are hoping to trial an informal ‘system’ where if a parent or child with craniosynostosis would like to have a chat with a young adult, then we can facilitate this via email, text or phone call for example. It is completely voluntary to get involved with this. 


There are a number of young people who would be more than happy to have a chat or answer questions.

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