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We try to hold a variety of meet ups every year. As well as a chance for existing members to get together and catch up, these events also act as a good ice breaker session for anyone who might be interested in joining the group and wants to see what it is like. All the details of these meetups are shared via our Facebook and WhatsApp groups as well as our other social media pages. 



Online meet ups are run on Zoom, and usually consist of a quiz or discussion as well as a chance to have a chat. If it is your first time attending, you are welcome to join the call with a friend or sibling if they are also a young person. For these events, there is no pressure to have your camera or microphone on, you can just sit in and listen if you would prefer. 

In person 


In person events are usually organised a few months in advance. We send out a poll for everyone to fill in with the dates they are available, then from these responses we find a date that as many of the YPN members can attend. Then this is advertised to other Headlines members who might be interested in attending. These meet ups usually consist of an activity, such as a museum visit or an escape room, followed by a meal. 


So far we have had meetups in London and Birmingham as these are the locations which are most central for existing YPN members, but we are always welcome to suggestions of new places to run events. We aim to have these meetups in locations that are as easily accessible for as many of us as possible, so that everyone gets a chance to attend. We need a minimum of 4 people confirming their attendance to run the meetups, which will ideally be organised and attended by at least 2 existing YPN members.  


For anyone attending a meetup for the first time, you are welcome to bring along a friend or sibling, provided they are also a young person, to make the experience as relaxed as possible. 

Upcoming Events.

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Summer events 


We've got a range of events running over the spring and summer months. Get in touch to find out more!

May-August 2023

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Interested in attending an event? 

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