Specialist Hospitals

There are four 'National Craniofacial Units' designated to provide specialist services for children and adults born with craniofacial problems in the United Kingdom:

The Units aim to provide patients with co-ordinated treatment. Alongside their craniofacial expertise they work with other departments within the hospitals and the local community tailored to suit each patient. This should help patients and their carers to access the full range of disciplines and services they need to treat the various conditions.

Referrals by GPs are accepted at Liverpool, Birmingham and Oxford. However, Great Ormond Street, London requires referrals made via paedriatricians or other hospital consultants.

The services of the Supra Units are the responsibility of the Specialised Services (Highly Specialist Craniofacial Centres.), which is part of the National Health Service (NHS) and is responsible for funding, managing and developing 'specialist services'.

Under the NCST guidelines patients with single suture craniosynostosis will be referred for treatment at Specialist Paediatric Neurology Units such as in Leeds and Bristol. It should be noted that it is common practice for single suture craniosynostosis correction surgery to be carried out by a qualified neurosurgeon both at the specialist centres and paediatric neurology units. More complex surgeries will require the input from a specialist craniofacial surgeon.

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