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Supporting families with a craniofacial condition in the UK and overseas

Headlines is a charitable organisation based in the UK which aims to provide support and help to all those affected by Craniosynostosis (both syndromic and non-syndromic) and associated conditions. Craniosynostosis is evident when one or more of the plates in the skull fuses, normally before birth, resulting in problems often requiring surgical intervention at a young age. Some conditions require ongoing surgical as well as other medical treatments into early adulthood.

Due to many of these conditions being rare, new parents and carers often find it difficult to find information to help them understand what is in store for their child or even where to find appropriate treatment. Headlines helps by providing factual information on the various conditions and links to appropriate medical establishments experienced in treating these conditions.

Headlines also provides a friendly and confidential telephone help line to all those affected, as well as regular newsletters with real life stories from members living with these conditions. The annual Family Weekend gives families a chance to attend informative workshops and seminars as well as the opportunity to meet other families experiencing similar challenges.

We encourage members to use the forums on this website as a safe means of communicating with each other. Experience has shown that many members gain the most support from each other.

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Headlines is almost entirely funded by donations. Continued financial support is essential to maintain the work of Headlines.
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